This unique rum club gets the best that rum has to offer into the hands of you, the enthusiasts! We've created an interesting and hard to find selection of rums to try - you'll be given the inside word on a full breadth of liquids!

Why join the club??

As a lover of fine liquor - We have all bought an expensive bottle of fine spirits and thought "I like it but don't love it..." This club takes the risk out by giving you 3 samples to see where your taste sits and then if you love one - get the full bottle at 15% discount. We post Australia wide!

Members subscribe to a 3, 6 (5% discount + hip flask of Rum Diary Spiced Rum) or 12 month (10% discount + 700ml bottle of Rum Diary Spiced Rum) subscription. Each month, the subscribers will receive 3 x 200ml hip flask sized bottles (examples below) of different rum which have been paired into the following categories at a full price of $78 p/month + postage.

Rum Club members are invited to be part of VIP Members only sessions at the best rum bars in your cities, emailed for special additional tastings of rum which come our way and 20% off the back bar neat rum at The Rum Diary Bar - all in all, this is about celebrating rum and embracing enthusiasts!

Choose your subscription length above and follow the prompts. Any questions please don't hesitate to email us at