Zac has recently taken over the helm at The Rum Diary - make sure you say hi next time you’re in! 
Like any great hospo worker, Zac started at the bottom as a dishy and has worked his way up from there. A bit of a gypsy at heart, he spent a year busking and travelling around Australia before landing a gig at Cookie & Fall from Grace in Melbourne CBD


Fav rum: 
"I can't get past Domaine de Sevarin blanc. This agricole's delicious vegetal bouquet gets me every time and makes for some amazing cocktails, but straight from the bottle? Pussers 15yr." 

My favourite drink: 
"A neat rum alongside a cold beer, but the daiquiri takes the cake for best drink as the proportions must be altered ever so slightly depending on which rum (or rums) you use." 

Stranded on an island: 
"I would be with a volleyball named Wilson, he would get me through the tough times." 

What do you love about the Rum Diary? 
"The first time I went to that bar I wanted to work there. At the Rum Diary people become friends after simply asking "Oooh! What is your drink?" I have seen young people be taught about cigars but greying men; I have seen customers telling other customers information they themselves only just learned with passion and excitement. The Rum Diary Bar is a place where you can get a perfect drink served by an expert bartender without feeling condescended to. We do not compromise when it comes to fun."