Ohhhh, is there anything rum can't do?

Here at Rum Diary HQ we have been looking for new and interesting ways to use rum to cure all that ails us... Here is what we found:




Used by sailors during a particularly phlegmy voyage, a capful of Jamaican overproof rum and a squeeze of lime, rubbed over your chest is meant to clear you right up. Also helpful to drink any remnants to avoid scurvy. 

The Babymaker

Mama Juana is the Dominican Republic drink o' loooove. This is a mixture of rum, red wine and honey, soaked in herbs and bark. Now there are two ways to get the concoction, either ready to drink or as a bottle of the dry goods that you mix yourself. 

We do have some of this puppy behind the bar, if you're ever needing a wee nip of concrete in order to... harden up.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Yet another reason to love the holy union of rum and raisin. Grab a bunch of golden raisins and place them in a shallow container with enough rum to cover the raisins. Wait around 24 hours for rum to soak into raisins and to allow the rum to evaporate (or just drink it). 

Dosage: 9 raisins per day

Scalp and Hair

Dry Scalp: Place a few onion slices in the rum and let it dissolve over a few hours, then rub the mixture over your scalp.

Hair Loss: Instead of onion, use finely chopped and peeled apple. Leave for 5 days before straining and rub over your scalp. 

In conclusion...

We were already a big fan of rum; but knowing that we can pretty much bathe in it has made us love it even more. Happy drinking!